Month: June 2020

When it comes to budget tracking, no help is too much help. In fact a thorough understanding of multiple budgeting apps and sites available online is crucial for you. Millions of people use such apps to manage their accounts without investing much work. And Mint is such a budgeting app used and recommended by many investors.

Mint offers a popular, free, and user friendly service to help you in budgeting. Nevertheless, before using any and every financial service, safety is of paramount concern. So you must know how does it work. Here’s a comprehensive idea of Mint’s operation. Take a look.

Mint is a free budgeting app that easily syncs with users’ credit cards, bank accounts, and any payment app like PayPal. Here you can track incoming and outgoing amount of money. This app is a part of the Quick Books and Turbo Tax. It has over 20 million users which speaks volumes of its quality.

Mint also tracks for users’ bills and is able to offer alerts to make sure that they don’t miss any payment opportunity. Also, Mint has its dedicated online website that lets people manage their finance bills right at the comfort of their home or conveniently from any other place. As a user all you need is a smartphone or any other device like Tablet or laptop. The best part is that the app is available both for android and the Apple phone users.

How Does it Work?

As a financing app, Mint allows users to create and handle their budgets by using the information from their credit or debit cards, payment apps, and bank accounts. That way you don’t need to install a distinct app to check your bank account details. You can easily get all the details like how much you have earned, and how much is stored in your account.

Now, if you don’t have a regular job and your payment is different per month, this app may come in handy as you can include the income and outgoing amount of money in the app. And you can also check it even after months.

You can easily set goals and keep a track of how much close you are to reach the goal. For instance, suppose you want to buy a property. You can mention the amount required for it. Then track how much amount you are saving per month to achieve the goal.

As you can see, Mint is ideal for creating and tracking your goals, budget, and credit score. The alerts transmitted through email are useful feature.

However, some often complaint Mint’s investing area is a bit weak and doesn’t suit the beginners or basic investors. They don’t list it in their official website as well. Actually Mint doesn’t have any particular asset and investment allocation tools like Personal Capital. So if you want to allot over $100,000 in the investment sector, Personal Capital is better.

So, that was all about Mint. Hope you have found the article useful. Got any thought? Feel free to share with us.… Keep Reading