IBM Analytics Summit 2017 maandag 23 oktober

Katleen Ravijts

(Engelstalige presentaties met internationale sprekers.)

Data is the driving force behind digital transformation. Being successful as an organization depends a lot on your capability of having the right insights and on your ability to innovate. How do you lay the foundation for success for your future with data and analytics?

On the IBM Analytics Summit all business profiles who want to use data for better insight, persons responsible for budgeting and planning, operational managers, data scientists, data governance managers, business analysts and IT managers get the answers they need.

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maandag, oktober 23, 2017 - 09:00 - 18:00
IBM Belgium
1. Barak Chizi, GM Head of Group Center Big Data & Data Analytics, KBC
2. Bart Hallyun, Datawarehouse Architect, Beaulieu International Group
3. Bernd Van Werde, Partner and BA Consultant on Essers Transports case, Acumen
4. Alain Grijseels, Head of IT, FSMA
5. Willem Hendriks, Data Scientist and Technical Sales, IBM Software Europe
6. Daniel Hernandez, Vice President, Offering Management for Analytics, IBM global
Bourgetlaan 42
IBM Client Center
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