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Accounting business software’s helps businesses manage their finances and track their financial transactions. There are plenty of options out there for one to select. When looking for an accounting software there are certain things that one needs to consider. One of the most important things is the size of your business this is because different accounting software’s suite different needs. Another factor that you need to put into consideration is the price. Make sure that your look for an accounting software that is within your budget. Below is a list of top accounting software’s in the market.

Zoho books

Zoho books is an accounting software that is suitable from small business, microbusiness, personal and even home-based businesses. It is an affordable software that can grow with your business. Zoho books is a simple online accounting software that can be synchronized with your accounts giving you the privilege to create and send invoices, track expenses and generate reports. Just like any other accounting software Zoho has three accounting plans.

There is the basic plan that cost somewhere around $9 and supports one user while allowing you to add up to 50 contacts in the system. Through this plan one is able to create invoices, reconcile transactions and manage projects as well as timesheets. The standard plan costs $19 and supports two users while allowing you to add 500 contacts into your system.

Zoho is an easy to use accounting software even for the most tech challenged. It also helps to save time bearing in mind that accounting is one of the most time consuming features in a business.


QuickBooks is another business accounting software that is competitively priced. With QuickBooks you have a 30 day free trial or you can go for a %50 discount on all subscriptions for three months. Self-Employed plan is the most basic plan that cost $10 per month. It is designed for freelancers and independent contractors who want to track their income, expenses, mileage, run basic reports, accept payments and create invoices. The only challenge with this plan is that it cannot be upgraded to a higher plan.

A simple to start plan supports costs $20 a month and supports only one user. It has features like the self-employed plan however, it gives you the privilege to send estimates, track sales, tax and also track mileage. The essential plan costs $35 a month and supports three users. It has features such as the other plans but has the addition of a time tracking and bill management. Other features include the plus plan and advanced plan. It is a very easy to uses software with a very interactive interface. All the tasks and features in QuickBooks are automated with built in reports, automatic backups and electronic invoicing.


Just like any other accounting software’s FreshBook offers several plans. It is competitively priced and the plans are based on the accounts you can add. They provide discounts to their customers with a free trial which you can use to test the program.

Lite plan allows one to bill up to five clients and costs $15. It allows you to connect with the bank and send unlimited estimates, track time and accept online payment. Plus plan allows one to bill up to 50 clients and costs around $25. One can automate payment reminders, send proposals and also charge late fees through the accounting software. Double-entry accounting and financial report is the new added plan. Premium plan allows you to bill up to 50 clients and costs $50 every month. It has all the features present in the other plan only that it allows you to bill more clients. Select plan has custom pricing hence you need to contact the company’s customer support in case you need the plan.

Freshbooks is a simple to use and very intuitive cloud based accounting software that can be accessed across different platforms. Signing up in the software takes only a couple of seconds and doesn’t require one to use their credit card information. The software interface has an uncluttered home screen with a very simple navigation system. The software is also time saving in that you can create, send and manage invoices simply and very efficiently. The invoice screen will show you exactly what kind of documents you are looking to send. If the interface looks familiar, you won’t be surprised to find out that many adult dating companies, such as fuckbook, use software for invoicing.


Xero is unique type of accounting software that will give you value for your money if you have multiple users. Most of its plan come along with inventory tracking. Every user gets to use a 30 day free trial that allows one to try some of its best features before you can upgrade to the other plans. Contrary to other accounting software’s, Xero bases it’s pricing on the number of users. Early plan is limited to only five invoices and cost $9 per month and allows five bills and 20 transactions every month. Growing plan has unlimited invoices, bills and transactions. It costs $30 per month. Established plan costs $60 and has unlimited invoices, bills and bank transactions as well as it supports multiple languages. The interface of the software is easy to use and very intuitive. The dashboard has a simple navigation menu which you can use to add data. Xero has automated most of its processes including invoicing, accounting, inventory and bank reconciliations. They also have a round the clock customer support desk which can be accessed through email or live chat.


Wave is one of the most popular financial accounting software that is available for free. It possesses a good mix of features that are well suited to your business needs. It is particularly good for individuals who are self-employed, consultants and entrepreneurs. All types of customer service in the program are provided through emailing and for free. Additional ancillary services such as credit card processing and payroll will cost you a few dollars. It is a very easy to use accounting software where you can create your account with a simple procedure. Most of its features are automated hence it will save your business a great deal of time.… Keep Reading

When it comes to budget tracking, no help is too much help. In fact a thorough understanding of multiple budgeting apps and sites available online is crucial for you. Millions of people use such apps to manage their accounts without investing much work. And Mint is such a budgeting app used and recommended by many investors.

Mint offers a popular, free, and user friendly service to help you in budgeting. Nevertheless, before using any and every financial service, safety is of paramount concern. So you must know how does it work. Here’s a comprehensive idea of Mint’s operation. Take a look.

Mint is a free budgeting app that easily syncs with users’ credit cards, bank accounts, and any payment app like PayPal. Here you can track incoming and outgoing amount of money. This app is a part of the Quick Books and Turbo Tax. It has over 20 million users which speaks volumes of its quality.

Mint also tracks for users’ bills and is able to offer alerts to make sure that they don’t miss any payment opportunity. Also, Mint has its dedicated online website that lets people manage their finance bills right at the comfort of their home or conveniently from any other place. As a user all you need is a smartphone or any other device like Tablet or laptop. The best part is that the app is available both for android and the Apple phone users.

How Does it Work?

As a financing app, Mint allows users to create and handle their budgets by using the information from their credit or debit cards, payment apps, and bank accounts. That way you don’t need to install a distinct app to check your bank account details. You can easily get all the details like how much you have earned, and how much is stored in your account.

Now, if you don’t have a regular job and your payment is different per month, this app may come in handy as you can include the income and outgoing amount of money in the app. And you can also check it even after months.

You can easily set goals and keep a track of how much close you are to reach the goal. For instance, suppose you want to buy a property. You can mention the amount required for it. Then track how much amount you are saving per month to achieve the goal.

As you can see, Mint is ideal for creating and tracking your goals, budget, and credit score. The alerts transmitted through email are useful feature.

However, some often complaint Mint’s investing area is a bit weak and doesn’t suit the beginners or basic investors. They don’t list it in their official website as well. Actually Mint doesn’t have any particular asset and investment allocation tools like Personal Capital. So if you want to allot over $100,000 in the investment sector, Personal Capital is better.

So, that was all about Mint. Hope you have found the article useful. Got any thought? Feel free to share with us.… Keep Reading

Accounting software refers to a class of computers that enable one to manage the financial transaction of the business effectively. There are different types of accounting software programs. There are those accounting software’s that are designed to specifically manage the financial transactions of large businesses while there are those that function as a simple book keeping. Using an accounting software can help a company make use of their resources in the accounting department very efficiently and it can also reduce the cost of bookkeeping.

Improved Accounting Efficiency

Manual bookkeeping process is very tedious and involves a lot of mathematical calculations as well as human errors. Inaccurate calculations during bookkeeping could have a very big impact in the end balance. This is why it is always recommended to use accounting software. The advantage with using accounting software’s is that it has increased accuracy and efficiency hence eliminating human errors. It is virtually impossible for computers to make errors however, they are not immune to human errors that arise due to data entry mistakes.

Speed of Completion

Accounting softwares are capable of processing very large amounts of data at a faster speed than the human mind. Part of the increase in processing speed comes from the use of computers which are capable of processing figures faster than the human brain. In addition, automation allows accounting softwares to increase efficiency in the accounting department. For instance, businesses are required to record tax sales in all their transactions. Instead of having a staff member carry out the tedious task in the long run, the accounting software can be configured to do the activity for each data entry.

Reduced Overall Cost

Having an accounting software run the financial transactions of a business helps to increase speed and efficiency, this in turn reduces the overall cost. Use of an accounting software allows each member of the accounting team to do more within a given time and this potentially means that a smaller team is needed. In return the accounting department’s payroll and administrative cost is reduced.

Accurate Reports

The greatest advantage with accounting softwares is time and accuracy. Accounting softwares are able to provide financial reports that are timely and accurate. For instance, a company’s finance director might need a report of cash flow to take to a meeting. It would consume the accountant a lot of time if it is done manually. However, using an accounting software it would take them just a few hours.

Reduced Frustration

It can be a very complex process to fill the tax returns of a business as it will require one to keep a close track of all the business transactions. The benefit of accounting softwares is that it helps to make the process easier and ensure that all the financial details of a business are put in one place. There are accounting softwares which have been integrated with a tux return software making the process even easier. This allows one to calculate their tax returns automatically rather than having to spend a lot of time and resources doing it manually.

User Friendly

There are tremendous benefits associated with using accounting softwares. Accounting softwares are user friendly. Once installed, you can keep all the financial transactions of your business up-to-date. They also serve a great purpose in the processing of accounting softwares and invoices automatically and in the correct category. Their user friendliness extends to the management of employees as well as businesses efficiently.

Automation and Reliability

Automation of accounts helps to save a great deal of time and money. When the accounting software is made to manage all the accounts of a business then it eliminates most of the mundane and time consuming processes that are associated with manual accounting. Most of the reports that are usually generated by an accounting software are often accurate and authentic. This implies that the statement that is generated by an accounting software is reliable. Less time accounting and more time dating.

In summary, there are a lot of opportunities and benefits that are associated with accounting software. Accounting softwares help to bridge the gap and hurdles that a business requires to achieve its goals. With the use of an accounting software it is possible to track the profits and losses hence enhancing your business productivity.… Keep Reading

Earlier the case was if you want to manage the accounts you need to manage the ledger, record books, and some other things associated with it. But now the scenario has been changed a lot. Numerous business accounting software is available that will help you to maintain the same. But few things are needed for you to consider when you are going to choose a business accounting software. These are:

  • User-friendly:

It is necessary to consider the user-friendly software. The reason being you cannot switch again and again to know the current status of sales and purchase. User-friendly software has all this information available in front of you just by a click. Accounting software is no different than other web-based application. It’s just as important to be user-friendly for a sexfinder app as it is for dating apps and accounting software.

  • Transactions with multiple currencies:

You don’t need to have your business available in India only. Therefore, it is necessary to have that software available which will support multiple currency transactions. This will let you know about all the transactions conveniently.

  • Integration with other business software:

It is necessary to have software available which can integrate with other business software as well. The reason being it is not necessary to run a business you only need single software. Therefore, it is necessary to have software available which can integrate with other software as well.

  • Safe and secure:

It is necessary to have that software available which will let you have all the transaction saved and also keep them secure. You cannot reveal your transactions to anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to have that software available which will let you keep your data safe and secure as well.

  • Customer support:

Customer support is also necessary. The reason being you do not have always a professional available to let your queries resolved. Therefore, it is necessary to have it available for customer support. The software is considered to be the best if it offers you with customer support as well.

  • Amount:

Amount also plays an important role when you are going to pick accounting software. The reason being you cannot spend heavy amounts on the software primarily. The reason being you are not aware of the usage of it at all. Therefore, just make sure the software will fall into your budget.

  • Web-based application:

It is necessary to have web-based application software available with you. This lets you maintain the same with your staff as well. By using the web-based software you can easily get the access anytime and anywhere as well.

These are the few things that are necessary for you to consider when you are going to choose accounting software for your business. Do not hurry. Choose wisely. Consult your CA as well if you have any doubts related to it. All these are available for trial as well. Therefore, before choosing a particular one you can choose the trial option as well. When you will get satisfied you can purchase the same for your business and let your business to integrate with it accordingly. Just make sure you are choosing the best for your business and for you as well.

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